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About RVSurvey
RVSurvey was formed in 2003, specifically to provide a service to help RV Buyer's be better informed regarding their RV purchase
decision. Many RV buyers do not really know what to look for in a used RV. It is really difficult to determine the value of an RV without
inspecting all elements of the unit. A thorough inspection takes 3-4 hours, or more, depending on the unit. Most buyers are looking at the
floor plan, paint scheme and furniture but do not take the time to do a very detailed inspection of the unit. In most cases, buyers do not
really know what to look for or what types of problems could be found.

As a business model, it is great for the buyer but not a good model for business growth. Sellers are not interested in promoting
independent RV inspections. Buyers are usually one-time buyers. The buyer using the service is the biggest winner.

The RV inspection service is provided to the buyer, not the seller. Many seller's ask "how does it look? or did you find anything?" We do
not disclose what we find to the seller. This information is the leverage that can be used by the buyer to negotiate a better price or obtain
repairs to the unit before taking delivery.

Let us provide the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.
The Do It Yourself Inspection Guide was developed to make sure that everything in the RV is checked at the time the inspection is  
performed. It was also developed so that a buyer could follow the guide to perform  their own inspection. The guide provides detailed
instructions on what to do during  the inspection. The checklist ensures that you do not miss anything during the inspection. By  
conducting the inspection using the guide, you are much more aware of the condition of the RV than you would be just browsing through
the RV on your own. A good inspection will take you 3-4 hours to complete. The guide tells you what needs to be done before the
inspection is initiated.

The original
RV Inspection Guide ($19.95) provides instructions and a checklist to follow to conduct your own inspection. The
Complete RV Inspection and Component Guide ($24.95)
provides more information for each step of the inspection, more detailed
descriptions of the components of the RV plus related photos of actual inspections so that you know what to look for during your
Get the DIY Inspection Guide now!! Click the link for more information
DIY Inspection Guide
Do your own inspection using the inspection guide