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Inspectors serving you:
Contact the inspector serving your desired area directly to determine availability and pricing.
Southcentral Texas - Houston, Austin, San Antonio
RVSurvey  - Ed Baugh  (281) 773-9726
Pre-purchase RV inspection.  
Southwest (Arizona; Albuquerque, NM; Las Vegas, NV)
RV Smart, LLC  - Dave Matson  (480) 497-9747 or (480) 510-6646 (cell)
Inspection, damage estimates, appraisals, dispute resolution, consulting.   
www.rvsmartllc.com  dave@rvsmartllc.com
Central California - Sacramento to Fresno and the Bay Area
RV Inspector Kemper Martin  (530) 676-4078 or (916) 804-5477
Pre-purchase RV Inspection.
www.rvinspector.net  kmartin@rvinspector.net
If you are not able to locate an RV inspector in your area, you may want to consider conducting your own  
RV inspection using our detailed RV inspection guide.  Our guide tells you what you need and  provides  
detailed step by step instructions including a detailed checklist.
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Inspectors needed in the following "hot spots":
Atlanta, GA
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Los Angeles, CA (Southern CA)
Portland, OR
RVSurvey Nationwide Network
RVSurvey is building a nationwide network of affiliated RV inspectors to provide independent
and detailed inspections of RVs.  Contact us to locate an inspector in your area.
Want to be an RVSurvey
affiliated inspector?
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Inspectors listed here are independent RV Inspectors that have agreed to use the RVSurvey  inspection  guide as a basis for
conducting their inspections. Each inspector is independent and  provides a service to  customers in their respective areas
under their own company name. RVSurvey  provides the links to  these  inspectors as a service to customers seeking an
independent RV inspection before they purchase their  selected RV. If you have any questions, contact info@rvsurvey.com.