Buying an RV

Buying an RV requires a lot of research. Buying an RV is a lot like buying a home and a car at the same time. When buying a home, we are led through the process based on industry accepted practices. Usually we have a realtor intermediate the purchase process between us and the seller. Once we have found the home we want and have negotiated the deal, we have inspections performed on the home to validate that the expected condition is what we think it is. When all reports are in and it looks like the purchase is going forward we have to decide about home
insurance, warranty policies and other services to make the home ready for our move.

Buying a car we do based on past experience, help from friends and relatives and lots of research (or not). We usually have a reason to purchase the new (or used) car. The old one is dying or is out of fashion or we are just tired of driving it.

Today there is loads of information about making a good choice in dealing with the seller. We have information about current values, dealer cost, warranties, insurance, maintenance and about anything you need to know about buying the car, you can find on the web.

In many ways, buying the dream RV merges the best and worst of the home and car buying experience. In most cases, RV buyers are purchasing an RV for the first time in their life. The dream of cruising the highways, changing a lifestyle or visiting familiar and favorite places drives the RV purchase decision and process. An RV is not a necessity like a home or car. It is a luxury (unless you plan to make it your home and transportation). The key to a successful RV purchase is working through the purchase process with all the knowledge you can obtain
and without the emotion of having what you want at all costs. Too many RV purchases are made without taking time to evaluate all the information associated with the transaction. Buying what we want makes us feel good. We deserve to have what we want because we have worked hard to obtain it. We have waited a long time for the moment we own that
dream RV. Unfortunately, all too often, the most unhappy RV owners are those that rushed into the decision without taking time to evaluate all the information and impact of the purchase decision. Take time to get all the information that you can about that dream RV. Stop and think about how it will really impact your life today, tomorrow, next year and after that. Maintenance, repair and storage costs don’t stop when you do not
use the RV. The RV will depreciate in value, not appreciate. The ecstasy of the purchase fades as time goes by. How you feel about the purchase in the future depends a great deal on how thorough you are through the purchase process.

RVSurvey helps with this process by providing an unbiased, independent RV inspection before you sign the purchase contract. Know what you are buying before your sign. For more information about our service, go to the website. If you have questions about the process, call us.

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