Window Screens

Have you checked those window screens lately? Do they look a little dusty? Does it look like the holes might be filling up with dust and dirt? Well, maybe it is time to think about cleaning them, before the next trip.

It is best to remove the screens to be able to give them a thorough cleaning. Many RV’s don’t make it easy to remove the screens without damaging the screen frame, so you may have to resort to cleaning them in place. Either way, the end result is a clean window screen that looks better and lets more air flow through the window.

I have had good luck cleaning the screens in place by first wiping the screen with a soft cloth sprayed with Endust. It doesn’t remove all the dust and dirt. I then follow with a soft cloth dipped in a solution of water and cleaner (409 or equivalent). This step removes most of the remaining dirt and dust. I follow that with a dry soft cloth to remove the dirty water/cleaning solution. If the screen looks as though it has streaks, I just repeat the damp cloth process followed by the dry cloth.

Those clean screens sure look nice and they let more air flow through the RV.

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