Windshields Damage and Repair

One of the more expensive repairs on RVs is windshield replacement. It is very important to take time to look closely at the front windshield during the inspection process. Some cracks and chips are difficult to see from the outside. During your inspection process, look at the windshield from several angles during the outside inspection. Make a note of the location of the chip or crack. Go inside the RV to look at the windshield from several angles. You may see defects that you did not notice during the outside inspection. I have noticed that some cracks, especially those at the curve of the windshield are difficult to see unless you look from different angles. I make a special effort to view the windshield from both the passenger and drivers side of the RV. Cracks near the seal are also difficult to detect. Look closely around the seal edge of the entire windshield. A small crack or chip today may be a large crack a few months later.

Some cracks and chips can be repaired. A rock chip is easier to repair than is a crack. If the crack is caught early, it may be stopped by drilling a small hole at the end of the run. Most windshield repair services will not guarantee that the run will be stopped and often warn that the attempt to repair it may result in the crack running further. Chips are much easier to repair. If caught before water enters the hole between the glass layers, repairs can be effective and permanent.

Since the windshield replacement cost is so expensive, factor the replacement cost in the final purchase price of the RV. You should include the cost of replacing the seal as well. I recommend having a new seal installed when a new windshield is installed.

Many newer RVs have single pane windshields. These will cost much more than the two panel windshields, so look carefully for damage.

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