Wiper Blades

On a recent trip I noticed that the wiper blades were not tracking to the same location on the window that I was used to seeing. On further inspection, I noticed that the screws holding the wiper blade assembly to the front of the coach and the wiper motor were loose. A quick tightening of the screws anchored the assembly to the motor and the blades were back where they needed to be. It is probably a good idea to check the mounting screws occasionally just to make sure they are tight and have not worked loose.

It is also probably a good idea to check the condition of the wiper blades to make sure they have not dried out and cracked from exposure to the elements. It is much better to replace the blades on a nice day than it is to have to do the job when it is raining when you need them to be working properly. Look at the wiper blade assembly to make sure that the assembly is securely attached to the wiper arm. Look at the windshield washer feed lines to the wiper blades is attached to the wiper arm.

While there, check the level of windshield washer solution to make sure you have plenty for that next trip, just in case you may need it.

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