Awnings and Wind

RV awnings are great features on the RV to shelter you from the sun and rain. The awning should be properly secured while extended. Sudden wind gusts can cause a lot of damage to the awning and to the RV. I have seen many cases where the base and top mounts for the awning have been pulled from the side of the RV due to wind damage.

Many owners extend the awning and leave the lower base attached to the side of the RV. The awning, under normal use, puts a downward pressure on the side of the RV base and does not exert a lot of side pressure to the RV. A sudden gust of wind will pull at the base of the awning. A strong gust will pull both the base and the upper mount out from the RV. The wind force jerking at the mounts can cause them to pull away from the side of the RV.

The lower part of the awning can be easily removed from the side of the RV and set on the ground for normal usage. This provides a vertical pole that is easier to navigate while using the awning. While in this position, the awning should be securely attached to a nearby object to hold the awning pole on the ground. A coil type anchor can be used, but the ground is often too hard to screw the anchor into the ground. A good weight can also be used, but most people do not carry extra weight in the RV. However it is secured, the awning must be secured to keep it from pulling on the side of the RV or having the wind throw the awning and poles over the top of the RV.

The best practice is to be around the RV while the awning is extended. If you leave the RV, either make sure it is properly secured or roll it up while you are away.Even if the awning is well secured, the awning fabric can be damaged by strong winds.

A little prevention may save you a lot of expense making a repair that could be avoided.

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