About RVSurvey

RVSurvey was created to assist RV buyers to be better informed about their RV purchase decision. Using a detailed inspection checklist and the equipment required to thoroughly test the RV at the sellers location, the experienced RVSurvey inspector checks every component of the RV you are considering to purchase. The completed survey provides detailed information about the condition of the RV so that an informed purchase decision can be made. The RVSurvey inspection report can identify costly repairs that will have to be made to the RV and may effectively be used to negotiate a better purchase price with the seller.

RVSurvey also has a Do It Yourself RV Inspection Guide and Checklist that you can use to perform your own RV inspection. The RV Inspection Guide contains detailed instructions on what to do and what to look for during the inspection. It is easy to use and guides you through the inspection process to make sure you perform a detailed and structured inspection.

Visit the RVSurvey web site at www.rvsurvey.com for more information.


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