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RVSurvey Service Disclaimer
Inspection results are documented in the inspection report provided to the buyer of RVSurvey inspection services.

RVSurvey does not guarantee or provide any type of warranty that the components will be operational at the time the buyer
takes delivery of the RV.  RVSurvey will report our observations of mechanical drive train components of the RV to the best of
our ability during a road test but will not perform detailed mechanical tests of the drive train components.  RVSurvey
recommends that the buyer have the RV inspected by a mechanic if the drive components are in question.  RVSurvey also
recommends that the buyer consider purchasing an extended warranty if one is available for the RV and the mechanical
components are of concern to the buyer.

The format and content of the RVSurvey inspection report is the proprietary property of RVSurvey and is protected by
copyright laws.  The content of the inspection report delivered to the customer is their proprietary property and will not be
distributed or sold by RVSurvey.  The RVSurvey inspection customer may not copy or distribute the content of the report in
any form other than for the sole purpose of completing their purchase or sales transaction.  The RVSurvey report may be
provided to the customer's RV insurer or financial institution, if the report can be of benefit to the buyer in obtaining insurance
coverage or financing for the vehicle.

If you have specific forms required by the insurer or finance company, request the form be completed by the inspector prior to
the inspection or as soon as possible after the inspection.