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Setting the standard for
Pre-purchase RV Inspections
Why do I need an independent RV inspection?
The RVSurvey inspection provides detailed information about the current operating condition of the RV  you are planning to purchase.  
If everything is working and in good operating condition, the report will  provide  confirmation that what the seller said and what you
thought to be true is true.  However, in the  case where components are not working or hidden damage exists, the report lets you, the
buyer, know  the true condition of the RV before you purchase it.  
I have owned travel trailers and motorhomes. Why would I pay RVSurvey to conduct the RV inspection?
Experienced, unbiased and impartial inspection.  The buyers are often looking at the aesthetics of the  RV to determine it will meet
their travel and comfort needs.  The emotional attachment to the purchase  process can lead the buyer to overlook the obvious and
hidden condition of the RV.  RVSurvey inspects each RV using our inspection checklist in a methodical and detached manner
providing a truly unbiased inspection.  Confirming what you believe to be true is a good thing.  Finding real or potential problems  that
you may have overlooked before you buy is even better.
I have found a great RV buy but live a long distance away. How can RVSurvey help me?
RVSurvey conducts the inspection and includes digital pictures of the motorhome or travel trailer that are included in the inspection
report.  Photos of identified problem areas are provided so that you can see first-hand what the RV inspector found.  Following your
review of the inspection report and photos, you can speak directly with the inspector filing the report so you can ask very specific
questions about the condition of the RV.
I have found a great RV. When does RVSurvey get involved?
It seems to work best if you, the buyer, find the RV you are interested in purchasing and negotiate a  price that you are willing to pay
based on the assumption that what the seller has represented to you is   correct and that the purchase is contingent on completion of a
professional inspection.  Be clear about  what you expect and get it in writing.  Your RVSurvey independent inspector will inspect the RV
using    the RVSurvey detailed inspection checklist. The RVSurvey inspection report will identify in detail the  current state of the RV.  
After the inspection is completed, report reviewed and pictures analyzed, you  then decide how to proceed.  If what you expected was
confirmed to be true, you can buy with more confidence.   If the RVSurvey inspection finds issues that concern you, then you have
alternatives.  You can  renegotiate the purchase price based on the inspection report or you can request the seller to fix the  items that
concern you or you can walk away from the deal.  However, make sure that you specify, and  put in writing, that the deal is contingent
on an inspection from an independent inspector of your choice  to confirm what the seller has represented to be true.
How long does an inspection take?  When will I get my report?
As soon as you confirm with RVSurvey or your selected affiliate that you want the inspection performed,  we  contact the seller to
schedule the inspection. The inspection can usually be performed within two  days and takes three to four hours to complete.  
Immediately following the inspection, the inspector  contacts the buyer with preliminary results.  The full RV inspection report is written
and sent via email to  the buyer, with photos, within 24 hours.  Once you receive the report, you can contact the inspector to  discuss
the contents of the report and to answer any final questions about the RV inspection.
Do I get my money back if I decide not to purchase the RV?
No.  Once RVSurvey has conducted the inspection, you  have an obligation to pay for the service  performed.  The only exception is if
you cancel the inspection 24 hours before it is performed.  You are  notified by email or contacted by phone when the inspection is
What does the report focus on? What kinds of problems are found?
The report states what the inspector sees and experiences during the inspection. The focus of the inspection is to identify recognized
problem areas, such as; physical damage, water damage, removed components, poorly maintained components, wear, component
failure, defects and general condition of the RV.  A complete 26 page checklist is used to ensure that all components of the RV are
inspected and condition reported.
Do you do a mechanical inspection?
No. The engine and drive train are evaluated during a road test of the RV. No components of the RV are disassembled during the
inspection. No attempt is made to repair items that are not functioning. If the component does not work, it is so reported and no attempt
is made to diagnose the problem. Physical observations are made regarding the overall condition of the RV, looking for damaged
components, fluid leaks, engine condition, visible drive train components, body damage/repairs, roof condition and damaged
Where do you perform inspections?
Inspections are performed at the seller's location or where appropriate services are available to fully inspect the RV components.
How does RVSurvey differ from other inspection companies?
RVSurvey inspectors do not do repairs or own repair facilities. Their inspection findings are not based on getting follow-on repair work.
The inspection results are totally unbiased and present the inspection findings based on the unbiased observations and tests
performed during the inspection. Some inspectors provide a quick walk-thru looking at the RV without following the aid of a detailed
checklist used by RVSurvey inspectors. We do not do auto inspections.
Can I do my own inspection?
Yes. The Do It Yourself guide explains what to do and what to look for during the inspection. If you take your time and follow the guide,
you will be able to perform your own inspection. If you have questions during the inspection, you can call RVSurvey for assistance with
your questions. There are two documents you can purchase that will prepare and assist you when conducting your own inspection. The
Complete RV Inspection and Component Guide provides the most detailed information plus pictures from actual RV inspections so
you can better identify issues during your inspection.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)