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for informed RV buyers
Get an RV inspection, be informed and avoid a costly mistake making your RV purchase decision.
RVSurvey helps smart RV buyers avoid costly mistakes when purchasing a motorhome or travel trailer.
The RVSurvey RV Inspection makes Buyers better informed for their motorhome or travel trailer RV
purchase decision and negotiation.  RVSurvey provides a thorough, independent  and unbiased on-site
inspection of the buyer's selected RV using a proprietary inspection checklist.  In many cases we find
issues that have not been disclosed to the buyer. Our inspection takes about 3 - 4 hours with a written
30-page report sent to you with photos taken during the inspection. You will receive a phone call
following the inspection giving you a verbal summary of the inspection results. You receive the
documented report within 24 hours of the inspection.
Many RV buyer's do not know what to inspect to avoid costly repairs when selecting their dream RV.
Some buyer's don't know what they don't know or don't spend the time required to thoroughly inspect
their selected RV. The end result is dissatisfaction with their RV purchase because problems were
discovered after the purchase.  
Texas - Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio areas
RVSurvey conducts on-site, independent RV inspections for motorhomes and travel trailers for local,
nationwide and worldwide RV buyers.  
Do It Yourself using our RV Inspection Guide
(learn more here)
The RVSurvey Do It Yourself RV Inspection Guide provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to
conduct your own inspection.  This is the same inspection checklist our inspectors use. Receive the guide
online and conduct a detailed RV inspection yourself.
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Setting the standard for
Pre-purchase RV Inspections
RV Inspection Guide
Some auto inspection companies are offering RV inspections. The RV is much more complex than an
automobile.  Our experience has been that these companies spend much less time conducting the
inspection with less qualified inspectors. In many cases, these inspectors do not have experience
even driving or using an RV.
A majority of our customers do not live in the area where the RV is located. We travel to the sellers
location. We provide  a detailed unbiased and independent review of the RV so that the buyer knows
what to expect before making the trip to  look at the RV. In many cases the issues are not deal
breakers but inform the buyer what to expect and provide details  for further price or repair
negotiation. Most customers recover more than the cost of the inspection with further negotiation on
Let RVSurvey do your RV inspection or DO IT YOURSELF using our
Inspection Guide.
Call to get a quote or to schedule an inspection:
Phone: 281-773-9726
RV Inspection Cost?
For the low price of $300* for a travel trailer or a motorhome, the report will provide you the detailed  information you need to
make an informed decision regarding the purchase of your RV. This price is the base price plus travel expense  to inspect your
RV. Many customers report saving far more than the cost of the inspection on the negotiated purchase price of  their new  RV.
* plus mileage travel charge.
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RVSurvey Inspection Guide  
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Inspections cost
plus mileage
Do the inspection
The guide walks you through
the inspection process.
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Do It Yourself using our (NEW)
Complete RV Inspection and Component Guide
(learn more here)
Complete RV Inspection and Component Guide
with Photos and more information for the RV Buyer
The RVSurvey Complete RV Inspection and Component Guide contains the Do It Yourself RV
Inspection Guide
in  addition to more detailed instructions and actual inspection photos. The Complete
RV Inspection and Component Guide provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to conduct your own
inspection plus photos from actual inspections to better help you know what to look for during your
inspection.  This new document contains the same inspection guide and checklist sold separately.  
Details about the
Complete RV Inspection and
Component Guide
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Do It Yourself for
Buy it now. Get it now.
Print the checklist included in the document
and go do your inspection yourself.
(NEW) Complete RV Inspection and
Component Guide
Buy it now. Get it now.
Print it and go do your inspection yourself.
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