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Setting the standard for
Pre-purchase RV Inspections
This is how we recommend that you do it:
You do the research to find the RV with the features and the condition you want.
Contact RVSurvey or independent inspector to confirm that a detailed RV inspection can be provided for your RV
at the seller's location. .
Negotiate a price for the RV based on what you were told by the seller and your initial inspection, if conducted.
independent inspection and completed RV inspection report from RVSurvey. (Get it in writing.)
It is best to
document what you were told about the unit and your understanding of the unit's condition.
Contact RVSurvey to schedule the inspection. Provide seller contact, location and unit description information.
RVSurvey will conduct the inspection and contact the buyer by phone immediately after the inspection is
performed with preliminary inspection results.
Results of the RV inspection are documented in a detailed RVSurvey inspection report sent electronically to the
buyer, including digital photos of the RV with problem areas highlighted.
Buyer reviews the inspection report then contacts RVSurvey with questions regarding the results of the inspection.
RVSurvey will contact the seller to schedule a time and location for the inspection as well as provide instructions
for preparation of the RV for inspection.
RVSurvey will contact buyer confirming inspection schedule. RVSurvey will then send a PayPal invoice to the
buyer for inspection payment.
Buyer contacts seller to discuss inspection results and conduct final purchase negotiation.
Recommended Purchase Process
The inspection report often results in benefits exceeding the cost of the inspection.
NOTE: Include a clause in the purchase agreement stating that the discovery of information from the
inspection report regarding the condition of the RV not disclosed or known by buyer will be grounds for
contract termination by buyer and seller shall provide prompt full refund of deposits for purchase to buyer.